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Hello Everyone it is RJT here please post and help make this clan great we need everyone of you to do this!

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 WBoD Birthday 10/10/10

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PostSubject: WBoD Birthday 10/10/10    Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:30 pm

The birthday was successful. Things started out slow at first,but picked up when members started showing up in our meeting room. Cake, green moglin berry juice, tacos, sausage, marshmallow, pancakes, cookie shaped frogs were all brought to the party by our members. Me, Tez, Loobis were dressed in the cake armor and helm, Tez yelled "eat me" then Shank made an inappropriate joke(The joke was "Bend over and close your eyes~Forum Ninja RJT), LOL. Then i think she left,but I'm not sure when she did. Then we all started to dance around like a bunch of dorks trying to think of things to do. Loobis being the brave teen that he is asked Tez to dance and she said "get over here loobis" loob died of happiness in that instant;revived in the next and had his dance with Tez. Way to go Loobis Cool . Then the games started. First we played RPS, darts and then punt twilly.I'm getting tired of typing so I'm just going to post the results of games we played. The RPS tournament champion is ME aka AlphaHawk, Will Deerborn, Big Daddy Sky Monster. Tez took first place away from everybody in Darts, i took second and Mak took third. Xin punted twilly all the way to first place, Mak kicked that little red fur ball hard enough to earn second place, amazingly loobis didn't die from a heart attack after his dance with Tez and had enough strength left to take third place. Then those of us who stay behind played hide and go seek.I was "it" first, i caught everybody. Tez was "it" second. I was hiding behind Dai Tengu in Hachiko. Tez came to hachiko and started to look for me. She reached Dai Tengu and didnt see me and then proceeded to look for me in all the other rooms. Of course being the funny guy I am, I started to mess with Tez. Telling her she just passed me and that i just ran past her, so much lolz. After 8 to 15 minutes or so F man gave away my hiding spot, Tez being the awesome seeker she is, finally caught me Sad . Then i entered pvp and got booted from the party and didn't know they were still playing. That's all i can recount from that day.
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WBoD Birthday 10/10/10
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