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Hello Everyone it is RJT here please post and help make this clan great we need everyone of you to do this!

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 Badge / X-Boost Ideas

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PostSubject: Badge / X-Boost Ideas   Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:23 pm

1. Faction Rank 10 badges and/or X-Token reward. X-Token reward can either be a set amount like 300 X-Tokens per Faction or varying amounts based on difficulty to get rank 10 in that Faction. Like Good/Evil Factions are easy to get rank 10 thus maybe only worth 100 X-Tokens, whereas Dwarfhold quite possibly the hardest to get rank 10 could be worth 500 or more X-Tokens. Screenshot will be needed to give rewards.

2. Classes ranked 10. We could have badges awarding people who have 5, 10, 15, 20,... Rank 10 classes. Also to promote X-Boost some more, each Rank 10 class could award maybe 25 X-Tokens. 20 Rank 10's could be named "Ultimate Classman" or some other epic name I'm sure someone can think of.

I know some people do have over 20, possibly even 30 Rank 10 classes but I think 20 is a good ending point for the badge rewards for AQW's current class availability. Having 30 Rank 10's pretty much means you're doubling up on some class types (ie. Warrior/Warlord/Beast Warrior, Mage/Sorcerer, Healer/Acolyte, Rogue/Renegade, etc.) which in my opinion doesn't necessarily deserve the badge as well as those of us having all unique class types. That's why I suggest stopping at 20 instead of going to 30 Rank 10's.

Sorry if I keep stepping on toes meantioning X-Boost, but if we are to use it for added clan rewards we need to promote it more and have more ideas for it. Just trying to help.

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Drunk Kitty

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PostSubject: Re: Badge / X-Boost Ideas   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:49 pm

I'd like to start using a system just like this Cat. In fact we had started on something similar a while back and then kinda abbandoned it for Im not really sure what reason. We were gonna reward ppl for having a certain number of pets, rare items, classes, rep ranks and ac coin items etc. I think its a good idea and we should look into it again. Lets brainstorm on this and see if we come up with a good system. About the X-token rewards I totally agree we have to be promoting it more and keeping up with it. I am working on a few new challenges right now and I am open ears to any ideas to help get this ball rolling.

Smile Tez

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Badge / X-Boost Ideas
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