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Hello Everyone it is RJT here please post and help make this clan great we need everyone of you to do this!

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 AlphaHawk's Stories

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Alpha Stud
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Alpha Stud

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PostSubject: AlphaHawk's Stories   Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:41 am


Waking into the 24 hour convenient store Jeff made his way to the back out of sight of the two other customers and the cashier. He could see them in the mirror at the register paying for their items. He started to shake a little but he knew as soon as he was done here he would soon feel better. He check the mirror again the two customers were gone, he went to the cashier " You better have money" Jeff showed the cashier the ten dollar bill " Pack of regular" Jeff said. The cashier turned around and got the pack of cigarettes, when he turned around he didn't expect Jeff to be pointing a handgun at his face. " Give me all the money in the register!" Jeff shouted, the cashier still holding the pack of cigarettes in his hand quickly opened register and put all the money in front of Jeff. Jeff quickly grabbed some of the money and put in his pants pocket, the cashier reached under the counter Jeff saw him and pulled the trigger, the bullet hit the cashier the chest Jeff looked over the counter and the saw he was holding a paper bag, he grabbed the rest of the money and ran out of the convenient store.
He ran two blocks before he was out of breath he couldn't think, he knew he would be going to jail but the only thing on his mind was getting his next fix. By some miracle Jeff makes it to his dealer " Hey Jeff you old crack head what do you need" " Just give me 200 dollars worth" Jeff's dealer gives him the stuff and he starts walking towards the park. He goes to the secluded part of the park and gets comfortable. He smokes until all his fears about killing a man, going to jail, and never getting his fix again go away, at least he was comfortable and there was no greater joy in the world for Jeff then being comfortable.

I wrote a song while annoying some people its called...
Going to the bar taken my honey out
sit her down to have a chat order us two beers to stay calm
look into her eyes they sparkle when she smiles getting kinda nervous
about to pop the question i look at her.....
baby what kind of dog should i get because I'm leaving you
you drive me crazy spend all my money never cook me dinner baby I'm leaving you
grab my beer no sorrow in my heart going to get my dog baby im leaving you
i name my dog Kelly just like my ex kelly makes me happy doesnt spend all my money
sometimes Kelly pees on the carpet barks every night but at least i have all my money
o yeah i have all my money.

Saturday Cleaning (not finished)

“Ugh” the first thought that came into Ricks head when looking at the mess in his garage. The first thing he does is back his car into the driveway “Now the rest” he thought. Rick wanted to spend his Saturday morning sleeping until noon but his wife wanted him to get the crib so they could start decorating the nursery. Marie tried to get the crib by herself Friday evening; she being six months pregnant was in no state to be lifting boxes of heavy junk. Rick had to stop her and reassure her that she would have the crib and that the garage would be clean before they left for the bbq.
Rick started with the front of the garage. The front was not the problem. It didn’t have too much to clean up, just a few broken toys, empty motor oil, and some old junk mail left on a shelf under a paperweight. Into the trash it went. Two boxes where also on the shelf, PHOTOS marked on both of them with a black marker. Rick opens one and sees his son’s baby book. Holding Mark for the first time was his first though. Second was the first time his son smiled at him. The third was how he had his mother’s blonde hair and blue eyes; Rick’s facial features. His son would be starting school in the fall and Rick would be the one to take Mark to his first day of school. He left the boxes on the shelf and continued to clean the garage.
The tool bench on the right side of the garage was neatly organized. The only thing that didn’t belong was an old toy Rick tried to repair for his son. He failed miserably. His son Mark cried when Rick told him he couldn’t fix it. The next day Marie took him to the toy store; he had a new favorite toy. Indestructible Man had super strength and nothing on the earth could harm him. Mark didn’t care about the old toy anymore. Rick kept the old toy because he wanted to fix it, to prove to himself that he could do it. Into the trash it went.
“Now for the main event”, Rick stood looking at the back of garage. There were boxes of Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, one box of bills that had pilled up over the years, old clothes and baby clothes in garbage bags, two 10 speed bikes, old 20 inch television, his old guitar and amp; four boxes of possessions that had no use and were taking up space in the house. At the back of this lovely collection of junk was the crib.
Rick moved the Christmas and Halloween decorations to the front of the garage where the car was parked. He moves the eight boxes one by one. The old bills get taken out back to the bbq pit, where they will be burned after his friend’s bbq. The bags of old clothes go in to the trunk of Rick’s car and donated to good will. He puts the baby clothes with the Christmas and Halloween decorations. The TV along with his old guitar and amp get put next to the garbage cans on the sidewalk. In the first box of possessions was a bunch of old junk that no one would pay a dollar to buy. Next to the trash cans it went. The second box of random junk had some of Rick’s old stuff. Nothing worth keeping was inside the box, but then he noticed a small wooden box that he hadn’t seen in thirteen years.
Three days after Ricks Fifteenth birthday, he and his dad drove ten minutes to a near by field, that had an old rundown shack. Rick dad was a gun nut and he knew his dad had gotten him a gun for his birthday. “Wait here son” Rick’s dad popped the trunk and then went and got Rick’s present. He got back in the car and handed Rick a wooden box with a red ribbon tied around it. Rick opened the box and inside was 9mm handgun.” Is it loaded?” Rick asked. “Yeah it is, I loaded it with blanks before we left the house”. I know you don’t like guns son, but can you at least try to like it?” Something about guns made Rick (as his father put it) scared as a little girl.
They both get out of the car and approached the shack. “Alright point you gun at the shack and unload your clip”. “But it only has blanks”. “Just shoot your god dam gun!”. Rick shoots at the shack, it scares him, he closes his eyes and shoots four more blanks at the shack. In tears, Rick drops the gun. “What the hell are you doing, pick up your gun you idiot”. “NO! SCREW YOU! I DON’T LIKE THIS! Rick went back to the car and sat in the back seat.
Rick sat on the stool near his tool bench looking at the gun in its wooden case. He takes the gun out and sets the case on the tool bench, holds it like his father taught him to, he ejects the clip and sees that it still has 10 blanks left in it. Rick thinks about tossing the gun in the trash, but its one of the few possessions he has left of his dad and decides to keep it. The gun goes back in the case and Rick leaves it on the lower shelf of his tool bench.

The Mission

free styling on the chat wrote this song

Going to vist Tez but little does she know my intentions aren't pure
she has a wolf and for some reason it's really fun to kick. I make
polite conversation and distract her by yelling and pointing " WHAT THE HELL IS THAT"
She turns her back to me, her wolf is now vulnerable I lift my leg back and kick that
rotten wolf square in the head. It lets out a yelp and Tez turns and has a scowl
on her face. I turn and run, my mission is now done!

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PostSubject: Re: AlphaHawk's Stories   Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:59 am

Good story Alpha. However, there were some Grammar errors, as well as you should name this Alphahawk's Gallery or Alphahawk's Emporium of Words you know something like that. Then you can post all your stories in it.

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PostSubject: Alphas Story   Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:35 am

This is a freaky example of how desperate a person can get for their "fix". Can't say I like knowing that this sorta thing happens but I think that ignoring it isnt a realistic option. Anyway Alpha your story was thought-provoking and creative. You have some grammar errors. Keep writing Alpha and like Fire said start a Gallery!!! Very Happy

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Alpha Stud
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Alpha Stud

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PostSubject: Drunk Kitty   Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:03 am

Drunk kitty falling over puking up the booze. Had too much to drink now the kitchen sink is spinnig. Passed out on th floor, pee pooling by his feet, droole pooling by his mouth. Hangover in the morning , but kitty don't care.
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PostSubject: Re: AlphaHawk's Stories   Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:14 am

Because I know someone will delete it SPAM!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: AlphaHawk's Stories   

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AlphaHawk's Stories
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